My name is Tonia and I live with my family in the Pacific NW in a little old house on a hill in the woods.  We call it "Fernwood."

I'm a writer.  I craft novels, stories, and poems, trying to work out the questions as best I can with words.  I'm interested in the poetry and prose of human relationship and the language of nature and the soul.  I also spend much of my time as a caretaker - of home, land, a few animals, gardens, and an ever-growing extended family.

I believe in a slow life, slow craft, in work done with attentiveness and love.

It is my joy to send the words I write here out into the world and trust that they will arrive exactly when and where they are needed.  If you have come here to visit, I am grateful, and I hope you will find something lovely or thought-provoking to carry away with you.  Thank you for coming.  Thank you for reading.

Peace keep you,